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Coaching for Organizational Effectiveness & Development provides a framework for improving individual and group dynamics to achieve desired outcomes and business excellence. Our methods to assess organizational culture at Implementing Change include strategic vision and goal alignment; internal and external communication; interventions, facilitation, and team dynamics; leadership development; performance management and system and process integration.

Leadership Development initiatives address performance development to improve the quality of leadership performance. These initiatives can be structured training programs targeted at cultivating leadership skills, or experiential learning that presents leaders with novel challenges. Initiatives consider the formation, maintenance, and transformation of a leader’s identity (how a leader views him/herself) throughout the development process. Through learning and experience, leaders can shift from a strong individual-based identity (self-directed goals) to a collective-based identity (setting group/organization-level goals). Effective leadership requires deliberate practice which includes practicing conflict management, teamwork, and communication skills by seeking out, accepting, and embracing projects, assignments, and roles that provide opportunities to build the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to become thoughtful, influential and effective leaders.

Group Interactive Solutions for Team Leadership Building, Coaching and Facilitation provide creative and adaptive solutions for working with teams. Solutions are based on a solid understanding of group dynamics (effective interactions in/outside the organization; and facilitation of business and community expectations and challenges).  Team Building and Leadership Coaching targets team dynamics (problem-solving, decision-making, communication solutions) which drives business results, adding organizational value that supports team development, shared learning, cohesion for business development. Combines focused individual coaching that optimizes effectiveness/re-energize team. Focuses on organization/team purpose, promoting active communication. Drives organizational alignment maximizing team strengths. Addresses cost/impact of not implementing needed change.

Relationship Management (Business Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management) & Engagement includes organizational strategies, processes, and communication impacting business interactions with internal and external customers. It encompasses the relationship between the people and the organization, and the business and their clients and customers. Commitment to the organization’s values and guiding principles is essential for effective corporate culture and relationship bonding. Our strategic approach helps leaders communicate with employees and engage them in ways that create a high-performing organization.

Customer Service Training for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and Related Industries builds the foundation for providing your internal and external customers with a positive experience, satisfied with results, and with a feeling, they want to return speaking highly of your business. It addresses what your customers want and what you need to do to deliver that level of service.