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What Exactly is a Power Hour Program?

Designed for busy managers to brush up on their leadership skills.

A power hour is a learning program that varies from 30- 55 minutes training or presentation session during the breakfast or lunch hour. What sets this concept apart from other programs is the accessibility and less formal structure of this approach. It is a great and easy way to foster community, shared understanding and ongoing growth in your organization. Lunch and learn is an easy way to develop and motivate employees while creating a workplace of communication, collaboration, and learning.  As an incentive, the company usually provides breakfast or lunch. If this is not feasible you can invite employees to bring their own snack during the session. The session may also cover important issues and promote an open platform of information for employees.


Key Benefits of a Power Hour:

  1. The sessions make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the day.
  2. The brief informal setting allows a better channel for understanding and getting the direct point across.
  3. Group training reinforces the overall company culture.
  4. Creates critical awareness for issues at hand.
  5. Effectively introduces any new organizational initiatives.
  6. Boosts employee morale.
  7. Builds and maintains teamwork skills.
  8. Enhances team communication.

Whether the training is targeted towards professional & personal development, skill set training, or even life skills, these sessions can result in a boost in employee motivation and skills needed for a valuable and successful work experience.