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To deliver demand-driven training, development, and methodologies through applied research for businesses in resort towns.


  • Ensure that employees know, understand, and identify with their Business Culture, Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Core Values and Expectations
  • Clarify and establish understand-ing consistently across all levels of a business as a critical component of building an effective and productive workforce
  • Provide owners and their staff with core skills to be effective in their jobs and beyond
  • Promote constructive workplace communication, dialogue, interaction and teamwork

The primary objective of The Eastern Sierra Training & Development Institute (ESDTI) is to provide Training and Development to businesses in mountain resort towns by transferring applied research, knowledge, and skills to business owners and their staff in order to develop an engaging and meaningful customer service and community strengthened culture. The ESDTI contributes to the success of businesses by partnering with their leadership and associates to drive learning that is strategic, measurable, and valuable.

The development of human performance is essential to the success of every business. ESDTI contributes to the growth and profitability of resort town businesses by providing training and coaching solutions for job excellence, career advancement, and business sustainability. An effective Training & Development (T&D) program impacts the performance of individuals, teams, and operations, and allows businesses to respond positively to changing environments and initiatives.

ESDTI identifies trends and developments in small, medium and large sized businesses in the resort industry and translates these into specific and unique training courses and programs. Courses are developed in close consultation and cooperation with key stakeholders. Although, businesses in resort towns are faced with similar business issues as in urban settings such as multi-generational workforces, organizational change, communication, time management and leadership and management development, in resort towns every worker affects the guest experience of tourist and second-homeowners who are the main contributors for economic sustainability. ESDTI offers local businesses and residents opportunities to grow and develop their skills through facilitative, interactive and experiential learning available in their communities without traveling out of the area.